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 Board of Commissioners Business Meeting Agenda
 September 21, 2021 ~ 8:30am ~ Room 219



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Agenda Deletions/Additions


Approve Minutes from last meeting


In the matter of approving the Minutes from the September 14, 2021 Business Meeting. - BOCC

Background: Approve the Minutes which summarize all business by the Board of Commissioners for the Business Meeting held on the date stated above.

Fiscal Impact: None

Recommended Motion: Approve the Minutes as presented.




In the matter of requesting bids for EAC & Base Rock Production. Jeremy Morris, Public Works

Background: The Public Works Department would like to issue a request for bids for the production of 84,000 cubic yards of 3/8” Chip Rock and 13,000 cubic yards of 3/4”-0 maintenance rock and stockpiling them at the various locations in Klamath County.  The engineers estimate for this project is $2,800,000 - $3,000,000.

Fiscal Impact:  To be determined by bids received.

Recommended Motion:  Board approve and authorize the Public Works Department to issue a request for bids for EAC & Base Rock Production.  Fiscal Impact is to be determined.




In the matter of appointing Michael Long, Andrew Stuedli, Mark Daniels and Carla Yancey to the Board of Property Tax Appeals. - BOCC

Background: Pursuant to ORS 309.067 the Board of Commissioners appoints two pools of individuals to serve on the Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA).  Pursuant to ORS 309.020 the County Clerk recommends Andrew Stuedli and Michael Long to Pool One, Governing Body’s Designee and Mark Daniels and Carla Yancey to Pool Two, Nonoffice-holding residents.  All individuals are eligible and willing to serve a term on the Board commencing this day and continuing until June 30, 2021.  They will complete the training for returning members provided by the State of Oregon Department of Revenue.

Fiscal Impact: None.

Recommended Motion: Approve and sign the attached Order appointing Andrew Stuedli and Michael Long to Pool One, governing body’s designee and Mark Daniels and Carla Yancey to Pool Two, non office-holding residents. All terms are effective September 14, 2021 and will end on June 30, 2022.




In the Matter of Approving a Grant Agreement with the State of Oregon, Oregon Health Authority - Brandon Fowler, Emergency Management

Background: This project provides funding for AED lifesaving equipment to be kept and maintained in five (5) Klamath County Sheriff’s Office supervisors’ vehicles.  In addition, this grant provides funds for Klamath County Emergency Management to perform training with KCSO supervisors on the use of these AED’s.

Fiscal Impact: This grant provides funding in the amount of $12,485.00 into General Fund Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management with zero dollars in match required. 

Recommended Motion:  To approve and authorize the Sheriff to sign a grant agreement with the State of Oregon, Oregon Health Authority.  Fiscal impact is $12,485.00 in grant revenue into General Fund Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management.

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In the matter of approving the Service Order with ClearGov for Budget Book software. Vickie Noel - Finance

Background: Klamath County previously contracted with ClearGov for Budget Book software for the 2021-22 budget.  The original contract allows options to renew for 2 years with a 3% increase per annum.  The Finance Department would like to renew the contract for the 2022-23 fiscal year budget cycle.

Fiscal Impact: $9,500.00 Expenditure to the Internal Services – Finance Department budget.

Recommended Motion:  Motion to approve and authorize the Finance Director to pay the attached invoice between Klamath County and ClearGov.  The fiscal impact is $9,500.00 expenditure to the Internal Service – Finance Department.


In the Matter of contracting for services offered by Open Gov – Vickie Noel, Finance

Background: Klamath County entered into a software services agreement with OpenGov in September 2017 with an expiration date of September 2020. Since that time, we have implemented Workforce and Budget Builder in addition to the transparency platform and used them successfully in the 2021-22 budget cycle.   Finance requests acceptance of the attached Pricing Proposal from SHI, a contractor on ORPIN, to purchase three years of Open Gov services at the same price as our previous agreement.  

Fiscal Impact: $123,000.00 Expenditure from Internal Services – Information Technology Fund.  Annual expenditures are $41,000.00.

Recommended Motion:  Motion to approve the agreement with SHI for software licenses for OpenGov Budget Builder, OpenGov Reporting and Analysis and Workforce planning, fiscal impact is $41,000.00 from the Internal Services – IT Fund and authorize the Finance Director and Information Technology director to sign other documents as necessary to implement the agreement.




In the matter of approving a recommendation for a renewal liquor license for El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, Lake of the Woods Resort, Sand Creek Station, Redneck Red’s Restaurant, Skyline Brewing Company, Black Bear Diner, Boyer’s Greensprings Market, Dollar General 18282 Crescent, Dollar General 16696 Chiloquin, Jo’s Motel & Campground, Willy’s Cheese & Wine, Playhouse Tavern, Epicenter Family Bowling Complex, Mac’s Store, Mia & Pia’s Pizzeria & Brewhouse and Red Rooster Grill & Pub. - BOCC

Background: The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) verifies that each tavern/store has met the necessary conditions to sell liquor.  The County’s position is a recommendation only and the OLCC may take the recommendation into consideration before granting or refusing the license.

Fiscal Impact: Revenue to the General Fund-Commissioners of $10.00 for each renewal license. 

Recommended Motion: Note for the Record.


Commissioner Reports



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