When an adult in custody is arrested on a warrant from another county or sentenced to the custody of the Oregon Department of Correction (DOC), they will be transported by the Klamath County Jail Transport Unit. They may be transferred within one day or it may take several weeks. 

For the safety and security of the transporting officers, the adult in custody and public will not be told when the transport will occur.

Prisoners being transferred to another facility may or may not have their personal property transferred with them.

If an adult in custody is being transferred to DOC, the adult in custody's property items will not be transported with them. DOC's rules prohibit prisoners from possessing personal property unless prior authorization is obtained. Immediately upon arrival to DOC, all property that does go with them will be be processed according to DOC policies.

When prisoners  are transported and must leave their property at the Klamath County Jail, they will be required to sign a property release form. It is the responsibility of the adult in custody to contact the named recipient to pick up the property. Property is held for 30 days before it is considered abandoned. Abandoned property will be disposed of in accordance with policy and Oregon law.