Recording Checklist

Recording Policy Effective January 1, 2012

Recording Coversheet (pdf)

The first page shall contain the following information (ORS 205.234)

  • Name(s) of the transaction(s):A document must be clearly labeled in sufficient detail to enable the clerk to record the instrument in the appropriate record per ORS 205.236;
    • The names of the parties: Per ORS 205.125
  • Return to information:The name and address of the person to whom the recorded document is to be returned per (ORS 205.180);
    • A self addressed envelope is required for the return of your documents
  • Names and address of assignee: For documents assigning a mortgage or trust deed the name and address of the assignee must be listed on the first page per ORS 205.234(1)(g);
  • Consideration: For documents conveying or contracting to convey title to any real estate and all memorandums of such documents, the true and actual consideration paid for such transfer per ORS 93.030;
  • Tax Statements. The name and address where tax statements would be sent. ORS 93.260. Required on documents conveying or contracting fee title.
  • Clerks Lien Record: For documents recorded in the Clerk's Lien Record the amount of any monetary obligation, the name(s) of all debtors, and the recording reference of any lien claim is being satisfied per ORS 205.125(l)(c)(d).
  • Paper Weight. Paper of sufficient quality for recording photographically. ORS 205.232.
  • Paper Size. Pages are not larger than 14 inches long and 8-1/2 inches wide. ORS 205.232.
  • Printed Type Size. Text printed or written in 8-point type or larger. ORS 205.232.

Revised: August 24, 2011 per SB 382 Oregon Legislative Session 2011