Manufactured Home Ownership Document System (MHODS)

The Building Codes Division launched a new online Manufactured Home Ownership Document System (MHODS) on February 1, 2017. Users can access the MHODS system at the Oregon MHODS website. MHODS has replaced the LOIS Manufactured Home Ownership Records System, which became inaccessible to users as of January 26, 2017.

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Can I build on a flood plain?

You can, but you'll need to meet the flood plain construction requirements. This includes having the finished floor elevation of the living space one (1) foot above the base flood elevation; this is determined by a surveyor and confirmed by the Planning Department. You'll also need vents placed in the walls or foundation and accessory structures (shops, sheds, etc.) must have openings in the portions of the structures that are below base flood elevation. To view FEMA preliminary floodplain maps for Klamath County visit the FEMA website. You may also wish to review the information in the NFIP Floodplain Management Guidebook (click here to be redirected).