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Klamath County Public Health will develop a multidisciplinary modernization team of public health staff to increase internal infrastructure. Under this model, a subject matter expert for each foundational capability will be assigned to a work group charged with specific modernization priorities. This model will allow robust development and implementation of priority areas across all public health programs. The multidisciplinary team will be able to achieve meaningful progress in multiple areas simultaneously further strengthening our ability to fully implement public health modernization by 2025.   

In Klamath County, public health modernization is defined as the ability to provide meaningful and complete services to our county through the foundational programs and capabilities. This is accomplished by developing infrastructure to identify community needs and tailor strategies for successful implementation. A modernized public health system is flexible and nimble and does not assume a one size fits all approach. Instead, it fosters partnerships who ensure participation from all communities when identifying how best to accomplish the provision of meaningful and complete services. Finally, a modernized public health system considers how to meet people where they are, place highest value on what they define as optimal health and provide policy and infrastructure that supports their goals.

Oregon Public Health Modernization Manual

2022-23 Workplan