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My Future My Choice (MFMC)

My Future-My Choice is a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum. It meets the requirements of HB 2509 to provide age-appropriate sexuality education as an integral part of the health education curriculum. The ten-part education series aims to provide middle school students with tools to resist social and peer pressure to become sexually involved before they are ready.

Purpose of the My Future My Choice Program
Young people today are reaching reproductive maturity at younger ages. As a result, many are faced with making choices about sexual behavior that they are not equipped to make.
It is difficult for adolescents to project how their actions today could lead to life-long consequences. Young people need to learn to handle social pressure and peer pressure in order to manage their own sexual behavior.

The curriculum focuses on:

  1. The importance of setting goals for our future.
  2. The advantages of postponing sexual involvement.
  3. How the media influence choices about sexual involvement.
  4. Different types of relationships and why peer pressure is the most difficult type of pressure to handle.
  5. Learning assertiveness skills as a tool to resist social and peer pressure to have sex.
  6. Understanding physical, social and emotional changes.
  7. Vocabulary and the stages of puberty in both males and female.
  8. Recognizing the consequences of becoming sexually active at a young age.
  9. Identify methods of protection to reduce the incidence of diseases and pregnancy.
  10. Factors in healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Program Contact:
Robyn Pfeifer