Klamath County Planning


Commercial / Industrial Site Plan Review  
Commercial / Industrial Site Plan Review Application PDF
Conditional Use Permits (CUP)
Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) Zone:  
Farm Management Dwelling PDF
Accessory Farm Dwelling PDF
EFU Lot of Record Dwelling PDF
Guest Ranch in EFU PDF
Non-Farm Dwelling PDF
Other Farm Uses PDF
Forestry (F) Zone:  
Forestry Lot of Record Dwelling PDF
Large Ownership Dwelling PDF
160-acre Template Dwelling PDF
Youth Camp PDF
Other Forestry Uses PDF
Timber Production Rating PDF
All Zones (except EFU & Forestry):  
Conditional Use Permit PDF
Significant Resource Overlay (Goal 5):  
Conditional Use Permit PDF
Home Occupation Permits  
Home Occupation Administrative Review PDF
Home Occupation CUP PDF
Land Partition  
Land Partition Application PDF
Property Line Adjustments and Vacations  
Lot Line Vacations PDF
Property Line Adjustment PDF
Temporary Use Permit (TUP)  
Medical Hardship Application PDF
Seasonal or Transient TUP Application PDF
Other Temporary Uses PDF
Time Extension  
Time Extension Application PDF
Variance Application PDF
Contact the Planning Department for these Applications:  
Comprehensive Plan Change  
Zone Change  
Destination Resort  
Community or Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) Amendment  
Non-Conforming Structure – Type II Administrative Review