Klamath County Emergency Management

Disaster Preparedness

Make a Disaster Supplies Kit. The basics include food, water, batteries/flashlights, emergency radios, extra clothing, personal documents, and first aid supplies and medications. Don’t stick to the basics—go to www.ready.gov/kit.
Make a Preparedness Plan. Figure out how you and your family will get emergency alerts and warnings, where you will meet during emergen-cies, how you will get in touch if cell phones aren’t working, and how you will let your loved ones know you are safe. Go to www.ready.gov/make-a-plan.

Be informed. Join your local Community Emergency Response Team, Red Cross, Fire Department, Search and Rescue, church organizations, or any other entity that can arm you with additional information about and skills to deal with disaster preparedness and response.

  1. Business Continuity Plan Template (pdf)
  2. Business Risk Assessment Table (pdf)
  3. Disaster Kit Supplies (pdf)
  4. Preparedness and Safety Calendar (pdf)
  5. Red Cross Family Disaster Plan(pdf)