Klamath Developmental Disability Services

Applying for Developmental Disability Services

The eligibility process begins with a call to the eligibility team.  You will be guided through the application and intake process.  Klamath County will then gather records and review them to determine if the requirements are met under the Oregon Administrative Rules.

An intake appointment can be made by calling Klamath County Intellectual/Developmental Disability Program at 541-885-2435.  Our Eligibility Specialist will schedule an appointment with you to fill out the application

Who is eligible for Developmental Disability Services?  Not all persons who exhibit disabilities are eligible for services.  Test results and diagnosis have specific criteria that must be met.  An eligibility team will review all records to determine if the requirements are met under the Oregon

Oregon Administrative Rules and Definitions 411-320

Is there an appeal process if I am found ineligible?  If you are not satisfied with the eligibility determination, you may request a hearing.  The process to request this is described in your notification letter. 

Oregon Administrative Rules 411-320-0180