Klamath County District Attorney

Domestic Violence

The Klamath County District Attorney’s Office, with the aid of a federal grant, has formed a Domestic Violence Reduction Unit in Klamath County. This unit is composed of many local county and state agencies such as, the Klamath County District Attorney’s Office, Klamath Falls City Police Department, Klamath County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, Klamath County Corrections, Klamath Crisis Center, and Services to Children and Families.

The Domestic Violence Unit is responsible for and devoted to the prosecution of both felony and misdemeanor domestic violence cases. This unit within the District Attorney’s Office consists of one Deputy District Attorney, an investigator, and a victim advocate provided by the Klamath Crisis Center.

The mission of the Domestic Violence Unit is to reduce the offense and re-offense rate of domestic violence. We will obtain this goal by education and training of our involved agencies and network this information into the community, intervention into the offenders lives to stop the abuse and above all protect the victim from further abuse.

For more information, please contact the Domestic Violence Unit at (541) 883-5147.