Klamath County District Attorney

Deputy and Staff

Deputy District Attorneys
The Klamath County District Attorney's Office currently employs five "felony" Deputy District Attorneys who handle all kinds of felony prosecutions. Their case loads include homicides, sexual assaults, drug crimes, serious assaults, robberies, burglaries, etc. Together, they currently have a total of 36 years of legal experience.

We also have two "misdemeanor" Deputy District Attorneys who handle all kinds of misdemeanor prosecutions, including DUII, assaults, criminal mischief, criminal trespass, etc. Together, these lawyers have a total of 42 years of legal experience.

Professional Staff
An array of professional staff assists the District Attorney and his deputies in their missions on behalf of the citizens of Klamath County. Three investigators, all currently retired OSP Troopers, assist the office in preparing cases for trial. Together the investigators have more than 80 years of law enforcement experience.

The District Attorney’s office also employs ten support staff, including a receptionist, three victim/witness services staff, four office assistants, an office manager, and a paralegal. We also have three family support specialists, who work together to help collect child support payments

Job Title/DescriptionName
District Attorney 
Lead Trial Deputy District AttorneyMark Costello
Administrative Deputy District AttorneyMike Swanson
Felony Deputy District AttorneySharon Forster
Felony Deputy District AttorneyCole Chase
Misdemeanor Deputy District Attorney Jody Vaughan
Coordinator Victim/Witness ServicesCharlene Moulton
Victim/Witness ServicesDava Leslie
ParalegalMelina Johnson
Legal Office AssistantKathy DeLonge
Legal Office Assistant Brandi Ensign
Legal Office AssistantAmanda Breuer
Investigator John Dougherty
Domestic Violence Unit:
Deputy District Attorney Gillian Fischer
Court Advocate Bonita Corona
Support Enforcement:
Support EnforcementJan Hughes
Support EnforcementBonnie Compton
DUII Task Force:Charlene Moulton
Citizens for Safe Schools/School Violence: Debbie Vought
 Kelley Morris