Klamath County Community Corrections

Community Supervision

Community Corrections is following a Community Justice model, branching into the community through specialized teams to enhance community supervision.  Through these teams, we are able to work closely with the community and other local agencies, maximizing services and reducing duplication of efforts.

Enhancing service to the north county region we provide services within Chiloquin at the Two Rivers Community Center and within the Walker Range office in Gilchrist. Our North County officer is based primarily within the community he serves which includes, Chiloquin, Gilchrist, and Chemult. Our regional supervision also includes East County (Sprague, Beatty, & Bly), North County, and Keno area.

In addition to our regional supervision, Community Corrections offers the following specialized caseloads: 

Domestic Violence    Sex Offender General Caseload
Gender Specific Mental Health Drug Court/Veterans Court