Klamath County Community Development

Building Division - Residential Plans

Please contact the appropriate Planning department in your area for their requirements before submitting your plans.

Required Attachments

  1. County/City Planning Department sign-off.
  2. A current Assessor's tax lot map.
  3. A vicinity map with travel directions on the back.
  4. A job site address. If you do not have a site address you can contact the Public Works Department at 541-883-4696.

    The following items are required for plan review and shall be used by the jurisdiction to determine a complete set of plans and compliance with OAR 918-020-0090(3)(a)(C) and 4. For a complete check list of these items, click here.

  5. Two (2) complete sets of legible plans drawn to scale.
  6. Site/Plot plan drawn to scale.
  7. Foundation plan and cross-section.
  8. Floor plans.
  9. Cross Sections(s) and details.
  10. Elevation views.
  11. Wall bracing (prescriptive path) and/or lateral analysis plans.
  12. Floor/roof framing plans are required for all floors/roof assemblies.
  13. Basement and retaining wall cross section.
  14. Beam calculations.
  15. Manufactured floor/roof truss design details.
  16. Energy Code Compliance.
  17. Engineer's calculations when required or provided.

If the building project will require a septic system please contact the Klamath County Community Development Department at 541-883-5121.

Pre-fabricated engineered metal buildings must be designed by an Oregon State Licensed Architect or Engineer.

Without the above information your plans may be returned to you for further information, thus delaying the permit process.