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Building Division - Building Inspections

Each permit has a required number of inspections to be performed. Inspections must be requested by the owner or contractor before proceeding with any phase of construction. Before requesting an inspection, be sure that the "florescent pink" job locator card, depicting the property address and permit number, is posted at the driveway entrance; the "yellow" inspection record card and "approved plans" are located in an accessible location on the job site.

A re-inspection fee may be assessed when the job locator card in not posted; the inspection record card and the approved plans are not on the job site and accessible to the inspector; for failure to provide access on the date for which the inspection is requested; or deviating from the approved plans. No inspection will be performed until the re-inspection fee has been paid at our office.

Klamath County Building Division
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In an on-going commitment to improve customer service, Klamath County has implemented the State E-Permitting software program.


  • For all permits issued on or after March 9, 2015 – Or any existing New Single Family type permit (ONLY), OR all existing Single trade permit i.e. electrical (only) mechanical (only) plumbing (only) structural (only)
    Inspections can be scheduled through the interactive voice response (IVR) by calling 1-888-299-2821   using your 12-digit IVR number Please click here for detailed directions.
    Click here to view a list of available inspections with codes.
    For existing permits issued prior to March 9, 2015 click here to get direction on how you find your existing permit IVR #.
    Inspections can be scheduled through the ePermitting website. Please click here.

    For all other permits issued prior to March 9, 2015 that are a combination type permit i.e. building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical all on one permit, or any other type combination permit.
    Please continue to call our existing inspection line 541-885-6754 to request these type inspections.

    All inspections scheduled before 7:00 a.m. typically will be made the same business day within your inspection area, the exceptions being, if due to a large workload our inspector may need to postpone your inspection until the next available business day that is within your area.
    Please click here to see the area map for available inspection days related to your property location.