Commission on Children and Families

403 Pine St., 3rd Floor
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

305 Main St
Klamath Falls,
OR 97601



Mission for Klamath County
Our communities effort to develop a plan that will uphold the values and vision we have for all our children and families in Klamath County.

The Vision for Klamath County
The Communities of Klamath County are healthy, safe and vital.

Klamath County's Prioritized Values
Safety, Opportunity, Accountability and Relationships.

A Wellness Model

Unlike the way children have historically been served, with an emphasis on assuring services only when a serious problem developed and young people posed a threat to public safety or the health of communities, the model calls for change.

The Commission on Children and Families shifts the focus to early childhood development, strong prevention components, strengthening and supporting families - specifically stating that this new system "shall be based on promoting the Wellness of Klamath County's children and families."