Klamath County Assessor

Supported Services

Community services supported by property taxes

Klamath County Government

    County Commissioner's Office
    Treasurer/Tax Collector's Office
    Financial/Fiscal Services Office
    Clerk and Election's Office
    Assessor's Office
  Community and Economic Development
    Klamath County Economic Development Association
    County Building Department
    County Planning Department
    County Surveyor Department
    County Museum Centers
    Parks and Solid Waste Department
  Public Safety Services:
    District Attourney's Office
    Klamath County Sheriff's Office
    Jail Division
    Community Corrections
    Juvenile Corrections
    Animal Control Office
    Emergency Services Office
    Justice Court
  Human Services:
    Commission on Children and Families
    Development Disabilities Department
    Mental Health Department & Access Center
    Alcohol & Drug Program
    Public Health Department
    Environmental Health Division
    Veterans' Service Office
  Internal Services:
    County Legal Counsel
    Human Resources Department
    Risk Management Division
    County Property/Building Maintenance Department
    Information Systems Department
    Property Sales Department
    Purchasing & Mail Services Unit
  Agriculture Services:
    Klamath Experiment Station
    Klamath Extension Service
    Klamath County Watermaster
    Weed Control Division

Other taxing districts supported by property taxes:

    Klamath Falls
  School Districts:
    Klamath Falls City School District
    Klamath County School District
    Southern Oregon Educational Service District
    Klamath Community College
  Cemetery Districts:
    Bonanza Cemetery
    Malin Cemetery
    Merrill Cemetery
    Mt. Laki Cemetery
  Drainage Districts
    Klamath County Drainage District
    Meadows Drainage District
    Lakeshore Gardens Drainage District
  Fire Districts:
    Bly Fire District
    Bonanza Fire District
    Chemult Fire District
    Chiloquin Fire District
    Crescent Fire District
    Central Cascades Fire District
    Harriman Fire District
    Keno Fire District
    Klamath Co. Fire District No. 1
    Klamath Co. Fire District No. 3
    Klamath Co. Fire District No. 4
    Klamath Co. Fire District No. 5
    La Pine Fire District
    Malin Fire District
    Merrill Fire District
    North Klamath Fire District
  Park Districts:
    Bonanza Park District
    Malin Park District
    Merrill Park District
    Poe Valley Park District
    Wiard Park District
  Road Districts:
    Antelope Meadows Road District
    Cedar Trails Road District
    Goldfinch Road District
    Green Knoll Estates Road District
    Jackpine Village Road District
    Keno Pines Road District
    Klamath River Acres Road District
    Klamath Falls Forest Estates Special Road District Unit #1
    Klamath Falls Forest Estates Special Road District Unit #2
    Pine Grove Highland Road District
    Rainbow Park Road District
    River Pines Estates Road District
    Sun Forest Estates Road District
    Two Rivers North Road District
    Valley Acres Road District
    Woodland Park Road District
  Sanitary Districts:
    Bly Sanitary District
    Crescent Sanitary District
    Suburban Sanitary District
  Basin Transit District
  Vector Control Districts:
    Bly Vector Control District
    Bonanza Vector Control District
    Chiloquin Vector Control District
    Klamath Vector Control District
    Poe Valley Vector Control District
  Water Districts:
    Bly Water District
    Pine Grove Water District
  Lighting Districts:
    North Shasta Lighting District
    Surban Lighting District
  911 Emergency Services District