Klamath County Assessor

Cost-Per-Account Comparison

Klamath County Assessment and Taxation leads the State of Oregon with the lowest cost-per-account; that is, Klamath County produces a tax statement for less cost than any other county in the state. Tax assessment costs approximately $13.00 per property account; tax collection costs approximately $7.00 per account; the total cost per tax account is approximately $20.00. The Assessor’s Office plans to downsize another full time employee for 2009-10 further reducing the cost-per-account.

To put this cost in perspective, of the fifteen counties similar to Klamath County in size and Assessment & Taxation budget, the next lowest cost-per-account is almost forty dollars and the average is over fifty dollars per account.

Klamath County also has the highest number of Assessment and Taxation accounts per full-time employee. These efficiencies of operation enable us to collect over $40.00 in property taxes for every dollar budgeted for Assessment and Taxation.