Klamath County Assessor

GIS Frequently Asked Questions

What GIS data is available from Klamath County?

Klamath County sells its taxlots in ESRI shapefile format. Each parcel has a value in an MTL field that links it to the Assessor ownership and property value information. A few other specialized layers are available such as special road districts, livestock districts, and lighting districts. For street centerlines and road names the county utilizes a GIS layer maintained by Aspen GIS Services, Inc. For information on obtaining this layer contact aspengis@gmail.com. Or phone 541-591-4946.

How up-to-date is the data?

The taxlot linework and the associated attribute data (ownership and property value) is no more than a month older than the assessors most current maps. The taxmap tif files are the current set of assessor maps and are no older than a few days.

How accurate is the GIS data?

The taxlots were digitized by county staff and by students at OIT. They were digitized directly from scanned images of the taxmaps. Therefore, the positional accuracy of the linework will vary across the county and should be used accordingly. The current taxlots are maintained in the GIS by GIS staff and updated on a monthly basis.

How to purchase GIS data?

Klamath County does not currently accept credit card orders and prefers a check prior to delivery of the data. Requests for a GIS CD along with checks can be mailed to: 305 Main St, Rm 119, Klamath Falls, OR 97601, Attn: GIS CD. Cost is $150.00. You can also email bfichtman@co.klamath.or.us to request an invoice or if you have further questions.

How and when is data delivered?

The data can be provided on CD, thru an ftp, or both. Orders can usually be filled within 2 days of receiving payment.

Is there a data licensing agreement?

Currently Klamath County GIS data is available with no licensing agreement. The data is sold as-is with no expressed or implied warranty as to its accuracy or correctness.

Is there a GIS data subscription option?

Klamath County does not currently have a subscription option for its taxlot GIS data.