Klamath County Board of Commissioners

Dennis Linthicum

First, I believe individual liberty and personal responsibility are foundational to our county’s health. Individual liberty quickly decays into corruption and anarchy without a meaningful commitment to personal responsibility. Personal responsibility and liberty thrive in a free enterprise system secured by the judicial use of a constitutionally limited government.

My goal is to help Klamath County families prosper through the reduction of government spending. Our private sector's productivity can be vastly improved through the elimination of needless bureaucratic intervention and government regulation. The status quo model for unlimited government growth can no longer be tolerated.

Therefore, as your County Commissioner, I will work to promote these ideals. I will:

  • Support and encourage the development of private sector employment opportunities.
  • Promote fair and balanced representation for all agricultural water users.
  • Pursue a more analytical critique of any cost-benefit analysis associated with taxpayer liability.
  • Enforce constitutional limitations on any future regulatory policy that impacts business in the Basin.

The future of Klamath County depends on a prosperous private sector and I will promote entrepreneurship at every possible level.