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Board of Commissioners Finance Meeting Agenda
July 30, 2019 ~ 10:00am ~ Room 214


Call to Order & Those Present


Approve Minutes from Last Meeting


Senior Center Funding Request

Marc Kane addressed the Board of Commissioners at their Work Session on May 29 with a letter (copy attached) requesting funding to help with maintenance and repairs needed at the Senior Center.  The item appeared on the June 25, 2019 Finance meeting agenda.  Action at that meeting was for Commissioner Boyd to request an assessment and cost estimation from Tom Banks.  Following that evaluation by Mr Banks, the BOCC then planned to revisit the issue .

Marc Kane has contacted Commissioner Morris via email (copy attached) on July 22 to inquire about the status.  A response to Mr. Kane at the Klamath Senior Center is the point of discussion for this agenda item.


Property Management Tax Reserve

Discussion on the provisions of ORS 275 and distributions to districts related to foreclosed property sales was tabled from the July 23, 2019 County Counsel meeting to allow BOCC time to consider the matter.  The Treasurer seeks resolution on the question of permissible fund reserves and calculation of the amount of annual distribution to districts on sales within a given fiscal year.  BOCC policy on consistent distribution computations and procedures also recommended.

Vehicle Allowances

Follow-up to the discussion originally introduced at the 6/25/2019 Finance meeting, action on items as follows:

a)  Correct the lease valuation for PW-Road vehicle commuting use.
The lease value amount has been recomputed and adjustments for the period of 1/1-7/15/2019 payroll determined.  Awaiting HR and County Counsel action on policy and employee election revisions.
b)  Correct the taxable income to include fuel at $0.055 per personal mile for all employees electing the Transportation Fringe Benefit Lease Value Rule reporting.
Adjustments for fuel valuation on personal miles has been computed.  Awaiting HR and County Counsel action on policy and employee election revisions.
c)  Consider revisions to HR Policy 811 and related form "Employee Election for Transportation Fringe Benefits".
Policy and form revisions drafted and presented to HR and County Counsel for review.  Based on the need for a revised employee election form and signature, Finance recommends that the policy be updated concurrent with the election form and approved/implemented at the same time.  Awaiting HR and County Counsel action on policy and employee election revisions.
d)  Revise the reporting template used to report personal miles and taxable lease value to payroll each pay period.
Completed and held pending all other items.  Current payroll reporting continues without the necessary corrections.  Awaiting HR and County Counsel action on policy and employee elections revisions. 
e)  Obtain updated Employee Election... forms to document changes in lease valuation procedures and the addition of fuel valuation.
This will occur through HR.  Awaiting HR and County Counsel action on policy and employee elections revisions. 

Since last month's meeting, another employee within an authorized position has been identified as using a county-owned vehicle for commuting.  This employee will also need to have an adjustment to taxable income for lease value and fuel, along with the necessary election form documentation and regularly recurring payroll reporting.  Awaiting HR and County Counsel action on policy and employee elections revisions. 

Standard Annual Hours for Personnel Budgeting

No official documentation could be found on the BOCC decision regarding the amount of annual hours to be used for budgeting personnel costs.  Discussion prior to the most recent budgeting cycle involved consideration for periodic fluctuations in the annual hours.  2,080 is most common, with some years logging 2,088 hours, and a few that encompass 2,096 in the number of working days.  

In an effort to create consistency in comparing budgets from year to year, it was proposed that a standard number of hours per year be used for budgeting.  We wish to confirm the BOCC decision regarding that standard.

Springbrook software renewal

Our contract with Springbrook software was executed in a Master Agreement dated 12/31/2013. It was for 5 years, with an optional renewal  term of one year.  That optional renewal term ends on 12/31/2019.  

Billing for the period of 12/31/2019-12/30/2020 is now strictly an annual invoice for maintenance and support of the two software products, Human Resources Management and Finance Suite, subject to a standard annual price increase of 3.5% over the prior year's fee.  The billing is presented on an order form that requires a signature.  An agenda item submitting this order form approval and authorization to sign was declined by County Counsel, with the instructions that an RFP must be completed.

In researching the procurement policy, I found an exemption from the public contracting rules for Data Processing Software.  It would appear to offer an informal competitive procurement method involving reasonable efforts to solicit proposals from three vendors.  I have reached out to the Contract Manager for guidance.

Questions at this time are as follows:
1)  Is a procurement process necessary if we are operating on an annual billing basis only without any current contract? 
2)  Is an RFP necessary, or does the exemption apply to allow for informal solicitation of proposals only?
3)  In the event that whatever procurement steps are deemed appropriate cannot be completed prior to 12/31/2019, can the one-year order form proceed to approval while the solicitation efforts are implemented?


General Liability Insurance

County departments contributed $754,407 toward the CIS bill for 2019-20 premiums.  However, the actual premium billing for the period is $841,196.  The balance of $87,000 will come Risk reserves, which are at an adequate level to handle the difference.  This is informational only, no action required.

General Fund Data

Data representing information on General Fund activity.

Presenting a graph displaying the trend of change in cash balances year by year.

Other County Business

Old Business:

Open Gov updates
Transparency - Eric Mattson is planning to commit some time to work individually with departments that have shown some interest in reporting.  Kirby is helping to coordinate that.  An on-site visit is tentatively planned for some time in August or September.
Workforce - Weekly meetings occur each Monday with participation by HR and Finance representatives.  A demonstration of the product with focus on final product output is scheduled for Monday, July 29.  Seth Cummins from OpenGov will commit to several hours of individualized work with Kirby to get the cost element configuration process moving.  


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